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  • LanToucher Instant Messenger  v.1.46LanToucher Instant Messenger is instant messaging software for your office or home LAN (Local Area Network) Being an efficient WinPopup and net send command alternative, our full-featured instant messaging application offers you a much richer ...
  • SnagIt AOL Instant Messenger Output  v.1.0Sharing images with your AOL Instant Messenger buddies is now easier than ever. No need for a complicated, multi-step process...just install the AIM toolbar button right inside SnagIt! How will I use this? * Grab a funny image, add a text balloon, ...
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger  v.1.0Yahoo Instant Messenger 1.0 is a professional browser tool which is a Palm port of the Yahoo! chat client. Send instant messages, chat sessions, and ...
  • Bluetooth Instant Messenger Valhallachat  v.1.0Valhalla Chat is a Bluetooth Instant Messenger (IM), that provides a common messaging platform for mobile phones, desktop computers and ...
  • Imjay - A Secure Java Instant Messenger  v.0.3.1Secure Java Instant Messenger. Supports asymmetric key encryption of messages. will support multiple protocols (Jabber initially) and multiple ...
  • JIM - Java Instant Messenger  v.0.2JIM is a cross-platform instant messenger. Based on TCP/IP protocol. Supports conferencing as well as private ...
  • Instant Messenger for mobiles  v.1.0instantmessenge is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows.
  • Borsuk Instant Messenger  v.1.0Borsuk is a gtkmm2 based maths and physics instant messenger using jabber protocol. It sends data in XML (MathML, SVG) so it can be easily reused i.e. as a webpage. Integrated editor for maths formulas and graphics helps creating data i.e. rewriting it.
  • T(a)S(hi)K(ai) Instant Messenger  v.1.0tskIM is an Instant Messenger service which will supply fully encrypted communications either over a server or via direct peer-to-peer connections.
  • Mobile Instant Messenger  v.1.0Mobile Instant Messenger is a web-based Instant Messenger that can be accessed from a WAP-enable mobile phone. It is developed using XHTML MP, PHP and MYSQL and optimized to work on maximum browsers of any WAP-enable mobile phone.
  • Linux Instant Messenger Tonix  v.1.0LIMT (Linux Instant Messenger Tonix) is a new IM for VoIP, text messages and file sharing.
  • Fama Instant Messenger  v.0.0.3Fama Instant Messenger (Fama IM) is a multi platform multi protocol instant messenger client.
  • Private Network Instant Messenger  v.0.4.0Private Network Instant Messenger (PNIM) is an open source cross platform instant messaging program.
  • JXTA Instant Messenger  v.0.1iJXTA Instant Messenger (JIM) aims to establish a server-free instant messaging system with various options.
  • S-P2P instant Messenger  v. Peer to Peer instant messenger is a lightweight IM project.
  • Rozmic Instant Messenger  v.0.8Rozmic Messenger is an IM client for desktop computers and mobile phones. We look upon it as a replacement for MSN and AIM. These applications are not secure, are not audited and staff are prone to contact friends using them. Rozmic Messenger is ...
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